Article By Ken Cushwa

I am sure we have all heard the phrase “Redeeming the Time”, but do we understand what it means and how can that even happen? I tend to look at things from a personal perspective because there is no better way than the experiences I have had and the mistakes I have made. Something like redeeming time seems to require personal reflection and a willingness to examine how we have spent our lives and those we have affected with our actions and use of time. Many times in my own life I have looked back and wondered where did time go? I also think how did my girls grow up so quickly and how can one be in college and the other a junior in High School? 

Redeeming the time takes plenty of deep reflection of the time we spent, how we wasted opportunities and spent efforts on things that ultimately meant nothing. I found that whenever I wondered where the time went that it was a selfish decision that I had made that ultimately caused the time to be wasted and my daughters and wife suffered because of it. My daughters grew up while I was out playing softball 4 nights a week and then traveling on weekends for a sport that I didn’t even get paid to do. My priorities were about me and less about families and time lost. Oftentimes we get caught up in personal experiences, possibly work commitments, other things that waste away time that can never be recovered. Whatever the reasons we missed time or did not spend it wisely, it still requires the reflection and redemption that we all long for. Redemption begins with seeking forgiveness and doing everything you can to utilize your time more productively.

We have an example to live by if we choose to make the changes needed. The Bible tells the life and story of Jesus Christ, a person who utilized his time to demonstrate Love and compassion towards others without a care for his own. Some could argue he was called to do it, however he also had the power to step away and not do what is needed. He went to a cross to be sacrificed to demonstrate how important his time was and what impact his time had on others. Ephesians 5: 15-16 says, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise. Making the best use of the time because the days are evil.” It is not the time lost but the time remaining. The Bible also talks about our lives being like a vapor that appears but for a short time and then vanishes as if it was never there. If you have failed with your time up to this point I will remind you that it is not the past that can be redeemed, it is the time you have left that you can make a difference. Your life can be redeemed from above through salvation in Jesus Christ, you then can redeem your remaining time by demonstrating love and attention to those around you. Friends and family will notice the difference and those you work around will wonder what it is that you have that they can get to redeem their time. Review, reflect, and then redeem the time each day, focus on others and ensure you spend your time wisely.

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