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Saucy Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Recipe – Saucy Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Recipe by MAKES: 6 Servings TOTAL TIME: 35 min INGREDIENTS: 1/3 cup Vidalia® Onion Dressing 1/4 cup Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce 1.5 pounds pork tenderloin, cut into 6 pieces ...

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What Makes You Tic? - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

What Makes You Tic?

By: Dee Jones, President of Light 2 World, Inc. One day, I saw my 5-year-old son moving his lips in an awkward spasm-like motion. These muscular spasms continued for a ...

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Heroic Gardens - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Helping Veterans Experience the Healing Power of Nature

By: Rebecca Hummer of Pura Vida Yoga & Physical Training in Maryland What’s Social Therapeutic Horticulture? Social and therapeutic horticulture is the process of using plants and gardens to improve ...

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Todd Hurt - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Veteran of the Quarter – Todd Hurt

This article features Todd Hurt of the U.S. Air Force Time in Service February 2003 – February 2007 Air Force Specialty Code (Job Code) 1C6 Space Systems Operator Completed Air ...

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Terrlyn M. Lewis - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Female Veteran of the Quarter – Master Sergeant (MSG) Terrlyn M. Lewis

This article features Master Sergeant (MSG) Terrlyn M. Lewis Master Sergeant (MSG) Terrlyn M. Lewis has served over 32 years of faithful service to the Delaware National Guard. She is ...

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Financial Focus - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Financial Focus: Can you save too much for a rainy day?

This article was written by Edward Jones for us by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Tyler Simonds. Edward Jones, Member SIPC. You can reach Tyler at 410-398-4214 “Save for ...

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Business of the Quarter - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Business of the Quarter – Visiting Angels Dover Senior Home Care

Write up provider by Thomas Smith CSA President, Asst. Director Visiting Angels is proud to serve the Veteran community. I have been in this field since 2016. I worked with ...

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Designing the American Flag - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

Designing The American Flag – Part 3

Later Flag Facts… In 1795, the number of stars and stripes was increased from 13 to 15 (to reflect the entry of Vermont and Kentucky as states of the Union). ...

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Rodgers Tavern - Veterans Outreach Ministries - Delaware

The Historical Mystique of Rodgers Tavern Museum

Article Written by David Murch A substantial house built in the Georgian Renaissance (British Baroque) style sits nestled away down a small road in Perryville, Maryland. Located adjacent to the ...

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Days to Display the US Flag- VOM Magazine - Delaware

Days to Display the Flag (March 2024-May 2024)

Holidays to Display Flag March – May 2024 Spring Issue National Vietnam War Veterans Day– March 29, 2017 Good Friday – March 29 Somalia Campaign Ended – March 31, 1995 ...

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