This article features Todd Hurt of the U.S. Air Force

Time in Service
February 2003 – February 2007

Air Force Specialty Code (Job Code)
1C6 Space Systems Operator

Completed Air Force Basic Military Training
Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Completed Air Force Technical School
Vandenberg AFB, California

1st Duty Assignment
20th Space Control Squadron, Eglin AFB

Mission: Worked as a Space Console Operator in a Phased Array Radar to conduct near earth and deep space tracking, space object identification, and characterization to provide targetable intelligence in support of the space domain awareness mission.

Completed Air Force Technical School
Vandenberg AFT, California (again)

2nd Duty Assignment
6th Space Warning Squadron, Cape Cod Air Station, Sagamore, Massachusetts

Mission: As a Space Console Operator and then Crew Chief, operated the early warning radar Pave PAWS (phased array warning system). Provided accurate and timely missile warning data to U.S. and allied decision makers for the safety and security of North America, and tracked Earth orbiting objects, including high interest items such as the International Space Station, any object that deviates from its known orbit, or any new satellite object.

Worked in the Training Shop to provide monthly on the job training to ensure proficiency of Airmen, creating and delivering simulation scenarios. Then moved to the Standards and Evaluations Office which evaluated personnel quarterly to determine job qualifying status with simulation scenarios.

Also was a member of the Air Force Honor Guard with 6th Space Warning Squadron. Rendered military honors to families of former service members during funeral services and represented the Air Force during public events such as parades and sporting events.


  • 2x Airman of the Quarter
  • 2x Crew of the Quarter
  • Senior Airman Below the Zone (a one-time promotion consideration afforded to Airmen who show exceptional performance and carry out duties at a level above their current rank)
  • Selected to be lead trainer of 6th Space Warning Squadron’s Guardian Challenge representatives, a best of the best competition of Space Command.

Why I joined:
I was a little lost. College just wasn’t for me at the time. I worked jobs that just weren’t making me happy. Finally, my dad, who noticed I was just going through the motions every day, said to me “You know, the military is option for you. However, you’re only joining the Air Force”. He was a former Army service member who knew the Air Force would be the right fit for me. It gave me a purpose and allowed me to travel the country. But most importantly it gave me a feeling of patriotism, that I was doing this for my country and everyone in it.

Me Now:
Military is still a part of my life even though I stopped actively serving. I spent 13 years as a contractor at the Aberdeen Test Center as a metrologist. Utilizing all types of measurement tools to provide accurate data on all sorts of military testing objects and tests.

I utilized my Montgomery G.I. Bill which I gained by being in the military and was able to first get an Associates Degree in Business Management from Cecil College and then a Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College. I’ve since transitioned to the civilian side of the government as a Program Analyst on Aberdeen Proving Ground. This allows me the freedom to telework and be with my family more often than not. I couldn’t be happier.

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