This is a community base donation class offered by Pura Vida Yoga and Physical Training.

When: July 1st 12:30pm
Where: Lower Ferry Park Perryville, MD
Proceeds will benefit: Veterans Outreach Ministries (Newark, DE)

VOM’S Mission:

Christ our Lord will heal any veteran who believes in him. Veteran’s Outreach Ministries program is to empower, help, and heal veterans and their families. Coming together with other veterans and their families in prayer, asking our Lord Jesus Christ to heal them from their pain, thus finding emotional and physical peace.

Class Description:

Come participate in a healthy and rejuvenating one hour yoga session. Enjoy the benefits of this all level Vinyasa class including breath awareness, movement for strength, flexibility and balance, and meditative rest. Bring a mat (we have a limited supply to rent).

Check out the schedule online at: to see when you can join in one of our other offered classes.

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