I am thinking a lot about pride and humility. We all know the verses; Pride comes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). When pride comes, there comes disgrace (Proverbs 11:2)

If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves(Galatians 6:3) I mean deep inside, we all know that pride is not a good thing, right? But, how many of us regularly fall into the pride trap?

And for some of us, our daily work…our mission has fallen into the pride trap. Even though we are doing great things in ministry or nonprofit work, sometimes our motive is just not what it should be. Perhaps, we need to ask ourselves…are we willing to give up that one thing that we believe is what makes us matter to others.

Now, as nonprofit and ministry leaders, I know this is not something that is easy to talk about. Instead we focus on what we are doing, how many we are reaching, etc. And maybe we have a friend or two that we jokingly compare our results with.

And that is ok, until we begin to fill our heads full of the success we think we are achieving.

But, we can accomplish absolutely nothing without God. It is through his grace that we are able to minister in a way that is effective and reaches others. It is through his wisdom that we are able to make decisions that guide the organization in the right direction. And it is through his guidance that we are able to stay humble.

I heard a speaker this morning who said, “we cannot develop humility, it is instead a by-product of the time we spend with Jesus.” Humility comes from remaining open to the heart of God. So, I ask you today, how much time are you spending with Jesus? You might think you don’t have time, but really you don’t have time not to. When you get your security and sense of identity from Christ, it changes everything! No longer does it matter what the world says.

Have a great week!