Article By Harry Marcus

In Mark 5:25-34 we have a familiar story. It is about a certain woman who has a blood disorder for twelve years. This not only was a medical problem but it had emotional consequences as well. In Jewish law others must avoid physical contact with her. She was not able to hold one’s hand, feel a needed hug when hurting or lonely, or enjoy the company of others.

The story goes on to say that she had spent all she had. She suffered many things of many physicians and was none the better, but rather grew worse. Before you read on pause here for just a moment to reread and meditate on what it might be like to endure this absolute feeling of helplessness and loneliness.

The story continues. She hears that Jesus is near. There is a large crowd and clearly it would be difficult to get an audience with Him. However, undeterred she presses forward believing that if she could “but touch the hem of His garment” she would be healed. Once again pause for a moment to meditate on the faith this woman had. Her faith is rewarded as she accomplishes her mission and “the fountain of her blood is dried up”!

Twelve years of constant bleeding, shame, embarassment, avoidance, and a human guinea pig for physicians GONE in an instant. What is more amazing to me is found in verse 30.

One, Jesus immediately knowing that virtue is gone out of Him. And two, He asked the question, “who touched me”? We could easily land here for a day or two just to meditate and dig deeper but time will not permit. So as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, known to be the loneliest time for many. Perhaps they are in a hospital, lost their job, it’s their first time experiencing the absence of a loved one during this season, or have just found out they have a very serious helath issue, and on and on.

All of this and the crowds of shoppers, hustle and bustle of life, deadlines, appointments, people jostling for position, pushing and shoving. Perhaps if you and I pause, and if we really want to be more like Jesus, maybe, just maybe God has impressed on a hurting someone’s heart that if they seek you or I out they have heard that we care.

The verse says that Jesus looked around to see who had done this. We need to look around as well. It could be recognizing the absence of a co-worker, the lack of response when asking casually “how’s it going”, noticing watering eyes in a friend. All of these are evidence of “who touched me”. But more important is we must turn around “in the press”. The press of daily obligations, time schedules, and comfort zones. It will cost you to cost Him. Selah.

*Selah – found 71 times in the Psalms. It means to meditate, to pause, to “think of that” or “stop and listen”.

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