Article Provided by Rosely Robinson with A Hero’s Welcome

We are an organization encouraging Americans to welcome home our brave military personnel from a service commitment or just returning home. We welcome them in a manner fitting of a hometown hero and American veteran.

We hope to promote increased community respect for our service members as well as increased morale for our returning military. We do this by meeting our heroes at the airports, train stations, bus depots and surprising them with a welcome. Quite often this involves a motorcade with a police escort from airport to home.

The Delaware chapter of A Hero’s Welcome (AHW) was founded in 2007 and Rosely Robinson has served as its Director since 2011. AHW’s mission is “Ensuring all service members get the proper welcome home”. During this period, she has taken an active role in many other veteran related initiatives, including organizing the first motorcade in 2013 for the Wounded Warriors who participated in “Operation SEAs the Day” in Bethany Beach, DE.

The motorcade honors these warriors on the last day of this week every September it is an annual event. A Hero’s Welcome was named the Delaware coordinator for the POW FLAG 50 STATE TOUR 2018 and did it again in 2019. During this tour, we coordinated 14 separate events in two days throughout the state. Each event was designed to spread awareness of our 81,000 members of our military who remain unaccounted for since WW II.

A Hero’s Welcome works closely with Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI), Star for Our Troops, and several other veteran organizations. As an advocate for the POW MIA Chair of Honor program and we are actively placing chairs installed through a dedication ceremony in many areas throughout the state including Bethany Beach Boardwalk, Cabela’s, our two veterans cemeteries and schools, senior center, Masonic Lodges and others.

We are very passionate about reaching out to all our citizens young and old and teaching them the meaning of the EMPTY CHAIR. So far we have been responsible for over 48 chairs being placed in Delaware alone.

AHW has spent the last 11 years doing whatever we can to make sure our Veterans are properly honored and our POWs/MIAs are never forgotten. We work tirelessly through many organizations as an advocate for all American Veterans. We love to serve in all of these voluntary roles as we believe veterans deserve to be remembered and honored for the sacrifice they have given for our country and our freedom. event and PAWS’ first visit back at the Medical Examiners Unit since Covid. There was a squeal of joy when the teams arrived! Even through masks, our teams could feel the smiles and see the tears in the staff member’s eyes.

Facebook: @AHerosWelcomeDelaware
Phone: (302) 530-4984

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