An article by L. J. Nick Callazzo III, USMC

DWS is a global technology and Strategic Business Solutions company that has created an ecosystem that provides education and training in drone and virtual reality photogrammetry technology in its school, and solutions to corporations, businesses, organizations, and governments thorough its employment company. The Drone industry is projected to generate $100 Billion in annual revenues (article, “Reporting for Work”, Goldman Sachs study of drone industry).

DWS Drone School, Inc., founded in March 2020, is the global training and education school that teaches students how to pass the FAA Part 107 exam to be a commercial licensed drone operator and learn how to fly a drone, with its proprietary drone curriculum that was created by United States FAA commercial airline pilots who are also flight instructors and curriculum developers and commercial licensed drone pilots. We believe it is one of the best curricula in the drone industry. They also teach virtual reality photogrammetry and 3D modeling.

Drone Workforce Solutions, LLC, is the global drone staffing and employment agency which attempts to employ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 licensed commercial drone operators and VR operators.

The DWS Mission:

  1. Is to accelerate the growth of the drone industry, and its capacity to help to solve many of the world’s challenges by harnessing technology using drones and virtual reality and 3D modeling (VR) by providing education and training and workforce development opportunities through the DWS global technology school, DWS Drone School, and its global employment company, Drone Workforce Solutions.
  2. Is to create a Global drone and virtual reality network, (aka “The Universe”) which acts as a catalyst in bringing together and accelerating cross collaborations of drone and VR industry innovators, producers, programmers, software developers, robotics/drone manufacturers, FAA Part 107 certified, commercial drone pilots, global thought leaders, strategic partners, and futuristic solution providers, from a range of organizations including major corporations, start-ups, non-profits, universities and governmental entities.
    Theo Nix Jr., Esq., President/CEO wants to train and retrain a new generation of Americans with these technologies and create a middle class that thrives economically and makes a transformational difference in the world.

There is no better group to participate in this vision than our Veterans who have protected our country and the world. DWS and its global partners are privileged and honored to be facilitators and a conduit for them to exchange guns for drones and VR cameras.

DWS Drone School has created their “Veterans First” Initiative which aggressively seeks to provide drone and virtual reality education and training for our honorable men and women. DWS is the only school in the nation to be approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to teach veterans in these two technologies which allows vets to use their education benefits to take these classes and they are provided with the drones, batteries and VR cameras and goggles.

DWS Drone School has been approved to operate a technology school and its courses, with more courses to follow, by the Department of Education in the following:

  • Delaware- their corporate location
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • And a pending approval in Kenya, Africa


Drone/sUAS Pilot Training Program

DWS Drone School offers a comprehensive training and education aeronautics curriculum on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) which purpose is designed to not only educate, but to enable and encourage students to learn the art and science of drone technology. Students will gain vast knowledge in how they can apply what they learn to obtain careers in this growing industry through classroom instruction, labs, workshops, and demonstration in the field with “hands-on” training.

This instruction and materials offer the strategies and information to provide each student the in-depth training designed to create successful and proficient drone pilots. Students will also learn the rules, regulations, and laws, and in particular “Part 107”, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration for drone operations. Students must take the FAA Part 107 exam to obtain their commercial drone license.

Virtual Reality and 3D Virtualization Training Program

DWS Drone School 360 Technology offers a comprehensive training and education curriculum on virtual reality and 3D virtualization systems which purpose is designed to educate, empower, enable, and encourage students to learn the art and science of virtual reality photography workshops and in the field to obtain careers in this growing industry. We will provide expertise and strategies for our students to apply their skills to various lucrative industries such as marketing, photography, security, training, and documentation.

Our curriculum will include the technology behind virtual reality, market opportunity, the equipment available, how to create a virtual reality product for a client, etc. This best-in-class instruction and materials offers strategies and information that provides the breadth and depth of instruction to be successful and proficient in virtual reality and learn the best practices, regulations and laws to offer virtual reality and 3D virtualization services.

Agricultural and Forestry Drone Collected Imagery Training Program

DWS Drone School, in partnership with Agremo, a world-wide leader in plant counting, plant analyses, and remote sensing technology, provides a training course for using small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (s/UAS) in the Agricultural and Forestry industries. In this course, students will gain knowledge and skills on how to provide professional drone services and precise analytics to Agricultural producers in the areas of stand count, plant population, plant stress analysis, weed analysis, pest analysis, plant disease analysis, water stress analysis, flowering estimates, and Eagle eye.

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