Reflect, Renew, Refuel - Veteran's Outreach MinistriesBy: Rebecca Rondone
Owner of Pura Vida Yoga & Physical Training

Our relationships are often govern by stories of how we think a friendship, partnership, or family should be. There are very strong stories in our society around the dynamics of a relationship. Take some time today to sit with your truth in relationships. What do you truly desire? What is your heart asking?

Our most vital relationship is the one with ourself. This is where it all begins. Cultivate your relationship to yourself as if you are tending a precious rose garden or growing a Refreshing Coconut. How much sunlight do you need, how much water and nourishment, what needs to be pruned in order to encourage new vibrant blooms? What needs to be let go to grow wild and free without barriers? What requires set boundaries?

Let’s review Boundaries. If needed they do work because YOU choose them. A boundary tells you when to stop. It reminds you where you are. And shows you where you are not. Boundaries can be physical. Even in yoga. A wall. A strap. A block. A chair. But boundaries are also something you APPLY to your practice and your relationships.

Boundaries of TIME.
Boundaries of FREQUENCY.
Boundaries of what is USEFUL today.

The boundaries of a strap, a wall, a yoga block do not LIMIT you. That is like saying a pen and paper limit your writing. Boundaries give you structure…so you can get something DONE. The boundaries we place on our practice and relationships…are choices.

We choose
Where to stop,
Where to start,
Where we draw the line.

Boundaries both physical (as in props) and chosen (as in timing, duration, specific recipes and sequences), and relationships:

GIVE you freedom.
Because YOU chose them.

May we all tend to our own gardens, with our own set boundaries, cultivate our own unique blooms, and come together in relationship with harmony truth and love.

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