Free Conflict Resolution Service in Cecil County

The Cecil County Community Mediation Center (CCCMC) is a nonprofit organization providing free, effective, and confidential mediation services in Cecil County, MD. Services are provided by a team of impartial, volunteer mediators who bring people together to discuss issues, explore options, and when possible, develop solutions that satisfy everyone. Because mediation empowers voluntary participants to resolve their own conflicts in their own way, mediation agreements tend to last, even longer than court orders. Mediation can be used to resolve almost any conflict.

Typically mediated disputes are between:

  • landlords/tenants
  • friends
  • schools/families
  • roommates
  • neighbors/neighborhoods
  • co-workers
  • consumers/merchants
  • family

On topics of:

  • custody/child access
  • elder care
  • parent/teen issues
  • marriage issues
  • living arrangements
  • prison reentry
  • property maintenance
  • school attendance/behavior
  • substance abuse/recovery
  • business complaints/contracts

Cecil Co. Community Mediation Center - Veteran's Outreach MinistriesA study conducted by the Maryland Judiciary concluded, “Cases that reached agreement in mediation are half as likely (21%) to return to court for enforcement actions compared to cases that reached a verdict (46%).” Participants who used mediation were more likely than those who went through the court process to report: “an improved relationship and attitude toward the other participant measured from before the intervention (the mediation session or trial) to 3-6 months later; the outcome was working; satisfaction with the outcome; satisfaction with the judicial system 3-6 months after the intervention.” Because the courts recognize mediation works to not only resolve conflicts, but also repair relationships when participants voluntarily collaborate to resolve disputes, they have partnered with CCCMC to refer (some) appropriate cases for mediation.

Community members may choose to refer themselves for mediation at any time during a dispute; before retaining an attorney, before filing charges, after charges have been filed, or after court proceedings to try to resolve conflicts through the collaborative mediation process. While mediation results in an agreement about 85% of the time, it also provides an opportunity for participants to mend damaged relationships, if that is their desired outcome. If mediation is not possible (some conflicts are inappropriate for mediation, mediation is a voluntary process) or successful (not all mediation sessions result in an agreement), participants may still choose other options for conflict resolution.

When appropriate, mediation sessions are held face-to-face at times and places convenient for the participants. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, CCCMC has added virtual mediation and an option for community members to participate in online mediation from the CCCMC office if they require technology and/or a confidential space to participate in a session.

Contact CCCMC for a conversation to determine if mediation is right for you. Conversations are confidential and mediation sessions are free, regardless of your ability to pay.

  • Cecil County Community Mediation Center
  • 224 E Main St. Ste. 110 Elkton, MD 21921
  • (by appointment only)
  • 443-207-5159
  • (M-F, 10AM-4PM, or by appointment)

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