by Evette Morrow of
Elm Properties, Wilmington De

What veterans housing concerns are facing our returning, retired, injured and honored Veterans? What are their needs where housing is concerned? With a multitude of services and organizations available to help, the main focus should be matching the Veteran with the service they require. Veteran’s Outreach Ministries (VOM) is available and eager to meet with any Veteran to ascertain their need, and put them in touch with resources and available services and programs.

Housing has been a major focus for Homeless and Transitional Veterans. Not all Veterans are in the same place when it comes to their housing needs. Would they benefit from a stable temporary shelter, long term or permanent housing or simply an awareness of services and benefits available to them for service to their country. Perhaps the Veteran is even ready to purchase a home and take advantage of the 100% financing options offered by most lenders.

Veteran’s Outreach Ministry understands the possible hurdles to achieving and maintaining safe and stable housing. The VOM team can help determine what programs you qualify for not to mention offer support, direction and resources for the problems that may be keeping a Veteran from the home they need, such as:

  • Mental Health or Medical issues
  • Income Stability
  • Legal and Family Matters
  • Transportation
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Societal Integration
  • Counseling Needs

Contact Tom Hogate of Veteran’s Outreach Ministries at 302-229-1819, and we’ll be there for you or your Veteran friend or family member.
We at Elm Properties thank you for your Service!