WELCOME from the Board of Directors

Welcome to the Spring Edition of the VOM Magazine. The weather is still changeable with decent weather conditions forecasted for March and the possibility of still cold weather including snow and rain, but we’re hopeful for only the latter.

Please take the time to check on family, friends, senior citizens, and veterans, many who may be secretly suffering from depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues including thoughts or attempts at suicide. These are being brought on by the changing weather conditions, disability, or times of distress.

Also, at this time of year some people will have low energy which will make them very moody and out of sorts. We encourage you to get outside to exercise and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Even only 30 minutes of physical activity a day is known to improve mental, emotional, and physical facets of life.

Families with children are also very susceptible and should be checked on as children suffer from the same emotional conditions as adults, and anguish experienced by a parent or guardian can affect the children they are in proximity with. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it can take a village to help protect a family.

Many times you do know these conditions exist as the people affected are adept at hiding their conditions from friends and family members that are trying to help them. If you suspect emotional conditions exist, please direct them to a doctor, pastor, trusted friend or family member that will be able to help them. In the case of veterans, please direct them to a local Veterans Outreach center.

Our two local centers are located in Cecil County, MD and New Castle County, DE. We hope to announce soon a third location in Philadelphia, PA.

There are also Veterans Outreach centers in all 50 United States that are available to help. As a non-profit organization, the mission of the Veteran’s Outreach Ministries is to offer support to all veterans and their families through a Christ-centered ministry using prayer, bible study, fellowship and worship.

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