An enduring memorial to those who paid the ultimate price for freedom and for those who are in need of a place for peace and meditation during their transition from the traumas of war to civilian life.

Like the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation’s vision, The Chapel at Victory Village has been created to impart the principles of selfless service to humanity without regard to race, creed, ethnicity, gender or religious belief. In 2014, when the property was purchased and the vision of a transitional home for Veterans was being created, it was decided that a chapel would be a private place to meditate and practice the power of Mindfulness to enhance their recovery from the traumas of war.

The Chapel at Victory Village, like the chapel of The Four Chaplains for whom it was named, exists to further the cause of “unity without uniformity.”

On February 3, 1943, U.S.A.T. Dorchester carrying 902 service men Merchant Marines and civilians was torpedoed by a German Submarine and was under water in 20 minutes. During the abandoned ship process, the four chaplains unselfishly gave up not only their life jackets but their lives so others could live. As the ship went down survivors could see the four chaplains with arms linked and braced against the slaying deck and heard them pray.
Therefore The Chapel at Victory Village was named The Chapel of Four Chaplains to support and reinforce the ultimate gift a man can give in life and more importantly continue to be an enduring example of extraordinary faith, courage and unselfishness of those who defend our freedom.

Serving Veterans,
L. J. Nick Callazzo III
NVAC Executive Director
Victory Village Program Manager