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If you find yourself looking for a new docuseries or documentary to delve into, consider the some of the Netflix series that are out now. In the ‘Great Events Of WWII in Colour’ the series provides a decent overview of the war and how certain events and innovations affected outcomes and progressions. I was personally was anxious to see Episode 7 and the colorized footage of the Battle of Bulge where my grandfather Joseph Baker fought.

If you’re already a history-buff when it comes to WWII then the series isn’t likely to provide you with new information, but the colorized footage, and historian interviews provide a fresh perspective. Each episode has a focus topic, and in order they are:

  • Episode 1: Blitzkrieg
  • Episode 2: Battle of Britain
  • Episode 3: Pearl Harbor
  • Episode 4: Battle of Midway
  • Episode 5: Siege of Stalingrad
  • Episode 6: D-Day
  • Episode 7: Battle of the Bulge
  • Episode 8: Dresden Firestorm
  • Episode 9: Liberation of Buchenwald
  • Episode 10: Hiroshima

You’ll come to recognize some of the speakers throughout the series, as they frequently appear in other documentaries about the war. I recommend delving into some of the other series available on Netflix that take a closer look at key political figures at the time, weapons, or morals and ethics surrounding the war.

Spitfire: The Plane That Saved the World

In this epic documentary, last-surviving veterans trace the history of a legendary fighter aircraft that dominated the air during the Battle of Britain.
8/10 on IMDB

Nazi Death Squads

Testimony from witnesses, survivors and Nazis themselves reveals the truth about the mass executions carried out.
7.5/10 on IMDB

Prosecuting Evil

A portrait of Ben Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor, who continues to wage his lifelong crusade in the fight for law and peace.
7.5/10 on IMDB

The Accountant of Auschwitz

70 years after WWII, Oskar Gröning, one of the last surviving members of the SS, goes on trial as an accessory to the murder of 300,000 people at the Auschwitz.
7.3/10 on IMDB

The Devil Next Door

A Cleveland grandfather is brought to trial in Israel, accused of being the infamous German death camp guard known as Ivan the Terrible.
7.7/10 on IMDB

Hitler’s Circle of Evil

This is the story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich told like the drama it really was: through the personal relationships of the movers and shakers of the Nazi Party.
8/10 on IMDB

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