By Pastor Ray B. Seemans of Troubadour Ministry

In Matthew 24:1-41 Jesus gives us in great detail the signs of the end of the age. We cannot change the course of divine prophecy, and it’s entirely possible that we who are reading this will experience the return of Jesus Christ in all His glory and power! In verse 44 He tells us to be ready “for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will”.

The world is entangled in sin, distraction, destruction, and mayhem. The enemy is hard at work to keep our eyes on the horrific events going on and take our eyes off Jesus and His word. The real picture, the big picture is in the scriptures in Matthew. Each of us has a purpose and a calling on our lives and we are promised that those who are serving the Lord when He returns will be blessed! We are saved by faith but remember, “faith without works is dead”. Are you ready for His return? He desires that not one should perish but we must be obedient to Him.

The events and turmoil we are experiencing are bringing high levels of anxiety, isolation, and depression which in turn have caused many of us to turn to other means of coping with our emotions and spirituality. Brothers and sisters we must turn our eyes upon Jesus, lock arms together and lift one another up. “Do not forsake the gathering of the saints (believers in Christ)”. We need each other to stand firm in our faith together. In Jesus’ name!

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