Veteran Article Written by Female Veteran of the Quarter Alexis Ferguson…

My name is Alexis Ferguson. My mother, Roxane, named me Alexis to create an infinity, having an ‘x’ in both our names, that unites us. I was born at Christiana Hospital in Delaware, and lived between Middletown and Wilmington, DE my whole life.

Alexis Ferguson - Veteran's Outreach MinistriesMy lineage goes back to England and my family traveled abroad to visit family there. I had the opportunity to study privacy and surveillance in Berlin Germany following my freshman year at Norwich University. In that time, I also found the art of self-reliance and grew a desire to touch all seven continents as part of my bucket list. Throughout my life, I have always been a part of community service. My mother is involved in Rotary and we planted trees, hosted petals for progress, and rang the bell for the salvation army together. My father voluntarily played his guitar at numerous events and taught me the value of hard work.

In high school I joined the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (AFJROTC) and over the course of four years accumulated over 600 hours of service. I discovered an innate drive to serve my country and community. I found participating with the Civil Air Patrol to be a balance of both in allowing me to lay wreaths for fallen soldiers and learn the basics of flying and various skills. My senior project was dedicated to honoring hometown heroes.

I decided that there should be something to cross promote civilians who are firefighters, police, and first responders to those I admired from my AFROTC program. The event was hosted at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3792 to honor those that serve the community and who have served to protect our country. I created awards to thank my AFROTC instructors and handed it off to the VFW post to continue after my graduation. The event produced funds to install a much-needed electronic sign for the post and inspired me to be a change agent.

At Norwich, I was able to continue this balance in being a member of the Corps of Cadets, Army ROTC, and a member and mentor in the Civic Scholars Program. I have been lucky to build the relationships I have at the Veterans Place with visiting the veterans, supporting them in the Legacy March, while also developing myself as a leader in the Army ROTC to commission this coming May. I started in the Air Force ROTC and ended up going out for Ranger Company at my university. I did not make it into the unit, but it opened up my pursuit in joining the Army. I switched to Army ROTC late my sophomore year at Norwich and I was sent to Fort Knox where I earned my 2-year scholarship and contract.

I am currently a cadet Captain leading as the International Platoon Commander in the Corps, the Vice President of the Criminal Justice Student Association, and the Master Physical Training Instructor in Unify for Special Olympics at my school. I am also a member of the Ranger Challenge team and going out for the Mountain Cold Weather Unit. I have had the opportunity to be the Service-Learning Co-Coordinator for the Center for Civic Engagement, the volunteer liaison for the Rotaract club, a member of the Pre-Law Society, and I play women’s varsity rugby.

I have had the opportunity to teach self-defense to orphans in Tanzania, Africa as a part of Upendo Mmjoa, publish the first service-learning report for Norwich University and I will also serve as the Bravo Commander in Army ROTC this coming spring. I’ll never regret not trying to experience all that I can. I am grateful for both my parents and aspire to serve as an Active Duty Infantry Officer post-graduation this coming May.

I will find out my branch in December, and no matter what; will strive to make my parents proud while fulfilling a purpose greater than myself. I believe it is an honor to be able to serve my country. Of the many things I could share about myself, I want this message specifically delivered. Those difficult times that no one sees you go through, matters. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, and better living will always be the best revenge. You are not defined by anything you go through, rather how you come out of it. To all of the women of today, it is a pleasure to be a part of recreating how women are seen and respected. For the women of the future, you represent me and all of the women before you, center your mind and always choose to be more.

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