She is a first-generation military service member, college student, and a proud daughter of Honduran and Guatemalan immigrants. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was encouraged to enlist out of high school by her mother who wanted her to serve her country and obtain educational opportunities and life experiences.

Pam served in the U.S. Air Force for over a decade as an operations and anti-terrorism intelligence analyst and an aircrew intelligence trainer, She served in Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of Pam’s military job entailed working with pilots, aircrews, military police, law enforcement, and wing commanders. Very early in her career she was recognized for her exceptional skills and stood out as a top performer within her units.

Now Pam is an impactful strategist and organizer focused on international peace and security, justice, and defeating hate at home and abroad.

As an independent trainer and consultant, she has been internationally recognized for her leadership and is a trusted, transformative force diversifying and building military veterans’ civic voice and power to win real change.

Currently Pam advises national leaders and many organizations, where she expertly bridges grassroots and grass top worlds, and brings foreign policy and issues of security to life through organizing people and social movements.

Womens March She began her career in the immigrant rights movement, served as a gubernatorial appointee in Oregon, and as a consultant to international NGO’s and social impact ventures. She was named a “Top 40 Latinos in Foreign Policy” by Huffington Post and a 2018 Champion of Change by the UN.

Pam holds an MPA in International Policy & Management from NYU, is a Defense Council member of the Truman National Security Project, an Advisory Board member of Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security (WCAPS), and a member of the Women’s March Steering Committee.