Veteran’s Outreach Ministries is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization to empower veterans and their families through a Christ centered ministry. We were organized and incorporated in 2014. We are sponsored by Oasis Church located at 2200 Glasgow Avenue, Newark DE 19702. VOM board members and associates are veterans, from the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard. Our President is a non-veteran, however, he was lead to start this organization with the Lord’s prayers and direction.

Our main objective is “to empower Veterans and their families through a Christ-centered ministry”. Our main mission is to reach out to all veterans and their families to plant the seed to find salvation via physical, emotional and spiritual healing through fellowship, counseling, prayer and the study of the good news from the strong relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Through this healing, it is the hope that this ministry will empower veterans and their families, and give easy access to resources, conferences, and local churches. We will continue to grow and to help veterans and their families in prayer when asking our Lord, Jesus Christ, to heal them from pain, both emotional and physical, and find peace in him.

Each year Veteran’s Outreach Ministries continues to advance its mission of helping veterans and their families build a relationship with God through prayer time, bible studies, worship and fellowship. This is part of VOM’s strategic plan for 2021 and as we go forward.

Outreach programs and events, such as Career Fairs have been a success in the past years allowing businesses an opportunity to place individuals in jobs. We also foster workshops with local churches, roundtable discussions and bible study/prayer time with our many partners. Resources for veterans and how we can help them have a better life with the Lord and be an active community member.

VOM is an active member of several organizations including the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce in Elkton, MD and attends many meetings and business card exchanges. At the present time we ZOOM. We utilize the community events calendar page for our outreach events. This has been a good resource to build VOM support.

VOM is an also an active member of the Middletown Chamber of Commerce in Middletown, DE and attends many meetings and business card exchanges. At the present time we ZOOM. We utilize the community events calendar page for our outreach events. This has been a good resource to build VOM support.

Volunteer Cecil in Elkton, MD and Volunteer Delaware in Wilmington, DE is another resource where we will utilize the community events calendar page for our events and help with looking for volunteers for our outreach programs.

WXCY FM radio station is another resource for listing our events and outreach programs on the community events page.

We offer brochures with information about our organization as well as this VOM Magazine with information about veterans for veterans. Included in this VOM Magazine is a brochure and business card for your use.

If you would like to connect with us digitally we have an e-newsletter that goes out once a month, and we can be reached on our website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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  • Linkedin: @VeteransOutreachMinistries

With the help of donations from supporters such as you, both monetary and voluntary, VOM will provide much needed requirements to support our outreach programs, items such as website design, printing newsletters, brochures and event flyers, purchasing bibles, insurance, marketing materials and other items required for VOM’s ongoing opportunities.

Your donation is a tax deductible contribution that will and has funded many of our outreach programs, and you will receive a letter of your contribution. You are also invited to attend VOM’s monthly meetings. Information on these meetings will be in our website events page if you would like to attend.

We at VOM are in the process of looking for Corporate Sponsorships to help advance its mission and purpose of helping Veterans and their families in our future.

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